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Cultivate Wisdom, Connect with Others, Celebrate Life

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 Conscious Aging Workshops Series

  Cultivate Wisdom, Connect with Others,

Celebrate Life


With Jane Rosalea Brown

Authorized IONS Conscious Aging Facilitator

The IONS Conscious Aging is a program that offers you a profound new vision of just what it means to grow older. This renewed awareness helps you to recognize the rich potential you can tap into at midlife and beyond. That is why we say conscious aging is better aging 

Discover what it means to age consciously and how there is a big difference between simply becoming old and aging consciously.

Inspiring a new vision for a healthy aging process

Developing tools to cope more effectively

with stresses of aging and challenges

Living with renewed meaning, purpose and growth

Enjoying greater inner peace and well-being 

In a relaxed atmosphere, enjoy sharing conversations, creative activities, self-reflections, journaling and lots of laughter to inspire a vision for aging that recognizes our vast potential as we age that is infused with purpose, passion and continual growth!



The program series of facilitated workshops was developed by the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) USA, founded by Dr. Edgar Mitchell, PhD, Apollo 14 Astronaut in 1973.

 An 118-page workbook has been produced as a companion to the Conscious Aging program. Developed by Kathleen Erickson-Forder, Elder Education Program Manager with the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), this workshop has been field-tested and tremendously well received across a broad range of settings in the United States and Canada.


As an IONS Authorized Conscious Aging Facilitator, Jane Brown Robertson, BA, CSW is honored to support you on this rich and meaningful journey. These workshops are available to individuals (private sessions), groups and organizations for workshops, 1 day session or weekend retreats. 

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